“Who Does She Think She Is?”

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Tonight we saw the AMAZING documentary “Who Does She Think She Is?

The notion and the word that struck me most about this film is “responsibility.” In my blog a few days ago (before seeing the film in its entirety) I quoted the very talented Angela, an amazing songstress who could support the weight of an entire musical on her capable shoulders if she had to.

It seemed every woman in this movie lived her life with the same ideal in mind, living life on/with purpose. But it went further than that, and that’s where responsibility comes in.

The responsibility of caring for, and providing for a family was definitely a HUGE part of this story and in each of these women’s journeys — but the notion of responsibility informed who they are as artists.

They realized that they had the responsibility to create — TO DO ANYTHING IN THEIR POWER TO GET THEIR WORK OUT THERE AND SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD.

Watching their struggles, hearing these women, I just felt bigger than I’ve ever felt — more empowered, more aware, more sure, and more focused.

It takes a lot of sacrifice and courage for all these women to sing their songs, and for this precious gift, I thank each of them, and every person who contributed to the film. Ladies, I’ll carry your songs with me on my own journey.

SEE THIS FILM!!! You’ll be glad you did.


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