Champion’s Circle

I had been fretting about it for the last few weeks… meeting my deadline for Reflection.

It was yesterday evening, around six o’clock (six hours before the midnight deadline), that I treated Scott to a rendition of We Are the Champions. I had gotten up from the kitchen table victorious. My hand was aching from writing that final scene, and I was tired, but it felt good, really good, because I felt like I’d made it… like I’d pushed through and won!

I’d mentioned (a few times in other posts) that I’ve been working on this on and off for the last ten years. Yesterday, when I was typing the last scene, I realized that it’s a little less than a third of my life… I would have never dreamed when I first sat to write this that it would take this long, or that I would hold on to this so hard, but it’s the first big story I ever tried to tell. And looking back, I didn’t have the skill, experience, or understanding to tell this story at this level ten years ago. I’d only gained the experience to write the last scene in the past month or so.

At this point, I can breathe a little more deeply, and maybe even let out a sigh of relief and release. But now, the real work begins… getting it out there.


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