Words’ Worth?

The media world is abuzz (and rightfully so) over a case of not only blatant plagiarism and unbelievable chutzpah.

In response to being called out on her crime, an editor replied to the writer she stole from with such sheer disregard it was disgusting. The disregard was not only for this specific writer, but for all writers, when the editor claimed that not only should she (the editor) get paid for “editing” this writer’s piece (and being “lucky she didn’t just put someone else’s name on it”), but that she has other young writers writing for her, and “ALWAYS for free”.

When did this become acceptable? To have someone do an honest day’s work, and put in an honest effort, to get nothing in return? I’m sure this editor doesn’t work for free, and I’m sure others who are involved in the magazine’s production get paid. So why wouldn’t the writers, who provide the content and for whom there wouldn’t be a magazine without their work and contributions, get paid?

It makes me wonder how much regard we have for writers and how much words are really worth.


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