A Side of Greens

From the New York Botanical Garden
From the New York Botanical Garden

The other day I was just not motivated to query, write, edit… I was a little down… The only thing I felt like doing was watering my plants (of which I have a few, but am always looking to add more).

It turned out to be just what I needed! Taking care of living, thriving, beautiful beings (besides my son and husband of course), helped lift my spirits. Remembering how big the plants were when I first got them, to the sizes they’ve all grown into now reminded me how miraculous nature is –and how wonderful it is to nurture something over time.

Even if you have a “black thumb” when it comes to plants, I’d encourage others on this path to find and surround yourselves with different things in your life in addition to writing–interests you can cultivate that can bring you joy, so you have something else to draw from when the well of inspiration/motivation seems to have run dry.


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