Press Pause

Lovely Dina is on the left.
Lovely Dina is on the left.

Sometimes, I get so excited when I’m writing that I just want to share it with the world asap. And then I’ll send it to my critique partner, and original wombmate, Dina. (Don’t know of many kidlit writers lucky enough to have been born with their critique partners who are also writing kidlit. It’s a pretty magical thing…) 🙂

I’ll expect her to be just as excited as I am… and then she’ll say she likes it, but isn’t quite sure about something.

So even though I might grumble to myself a bit, I’ll put it aside for a short time (oftentimes a day is enough… just to let it sit a bit). When I take that moment to pause, I find with fresh eyes there’s always something new to add, take away, or invent.

And that’s what any good critique partner/agent/editor sometimes must do–press pause to give a writer the room to find “it”… whatever that may be.

It’s been said many times by others in the industry: You don’t necessarily want someone as a cheerleader for a critique partner–you want someone who will push you to create your best work.

So grateful and lucky to have Dina in my corner!


WIP Water Works

Yesterday, while working on the penultimate chapter of my WIP (work in progress), I felt so much emotion…

It was hard to start–for I knew it would be a challenging chapter. But once I started, it was hard to stop! It was the action that the entire story had been working towards.

When I was done, I could barely read through it again… I was lucky my critique partner, partner in life, and beautiful twin sister, Dina, was there to read it aloud to me. I almost wore a path into her kitchen tiles, I was pacing so much!

I was even luckier that she was there to hold me as I burst out crying at the end–literally shuddering and sobbing. It was a tough chapter, people! One of the characters made an amazing sacrifice… and though I had an earlier inkling that it needed to happen, it was still tough watching it happen.

It was an incredible build up, with a much needed release!

I’m hoping that readers will enjoy reading it…


My Laughing Place

I managed to do this in a class years ago... I felt this kind of happy today!
I managed to do this in a class years ago… I felt this kind of happy today!

I did child’s pose today!!! It is my favorite pose, and always has been… but I hadn’t done it for the last two years, after hurting my knee dancing with my son in my arms. (No regret here… if it was going to happen, glad it happened while I was enjoying life with one of the loves of my life.)

I avoided surgery and did therapy in the pool with an amazing therapist. (Thanks, Erol!)

Recently, I’ve started doing yoga like I used to…and today, I thought I’d give it a try… I was nervous, and promised myself I’d only hold the pose if I was comfortable… It wasn’t the deepest stretch, or the longest, but it was the first of many.

And it made me happy!

Here’s to finding your happy today!