WIP Water Works

Yesterday, while working on the penultimate chapter of my WIP (work in progress), I felt so much emotion…

It was hard to start–for I knew it would be a challenging chapter. But once I started, it was hard to stop! It was the action that the entire story had been working towards.

When I was done, I could barely read through it again… I was lucky my critique partner, partner in life, and beautiful twin sister, Dina, was there to read it aloud to me. I almost wore a path into her kitchen tiles, I was pacing so much!

I was even luckier that she was there to hold me as I burst out crying at the end–literally shuddering and sobbing. It was a tough chapter, people! One of the characters made an amazing sacrifice… and though I had an earlier inkling that it needed to happen, it was still tough watching it happen.

It was an incredible build up, with a much needed release!

I’m hoping that readers will enjoy reading it…


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